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What's so special about the polarity discharge audios in the portal?

The audios consist of the polarities that I have found common between 90% of survivors.


As you listen to the audios, your polarities are discharged... and you also get a sense of achievement and ability.


Clear the common polarities by yourself, so that you allow me to clear the ones that are unique to you.

Because you're clearing the common polarities by yourself... in our mi-week call we can do together what only you and I can do.


We can work on the polarities that are unique to you and discharge them once and for all.

The group calls are NOT peer-to-peer support calls with the blind leading the blind and triggering the crap out of each other!


I have no idea why anyone would set such a thing up!


Instead, they are affirmative and constructive. Here's how they're usually structured:

  1. everyone mentions their gains from the week... it's very inspirational!
  2. everyone tells me their challenges and what they want to work on
  3. I get to work discharging your polarities

How was your journey?

Intimacy without flashbacks or triggers

  • End intrusive flashbacks
  • Don't feel lonely
  • Don't feel isolated
  • Tried so much before

Finding self:

  • Live in the now
  • Concentrate better
  • Confidence
  • Optimism
  • Finding own voice
  • Self love and respect
  • Overcame fear of people
  • Dress comfortably
  • Stop hiding
  • Feeling immense love

Dropped Addictions

  • Chocolate
  • Buying things
  • Binge eating
  • Workaholism
  • Attention seeking
  • Mobile phone

"Counsellor and Psychotherapist of 15 years liberates herself from her trauma...


... and refers 4 clients and a family member"


In this video, angel gives a thorough breakdown of her journey, her gains, her challenges and the reason why she referred 5 people onto the Liberation Program.

"Hypno-therapist liberates himself from her trauma..."


In this video, Roberto gives a summarised breakdown of his journey, his gains and his challenges.

Here's a video of Liberation Program attendees after only 2 weeks (their express permission was taken). Below it is the BONUS training promised to help you break through financial limitations when it comes to investing in yourself and what benefits you.

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